Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mom, I'm Scared...

Those are the words that woke me up this morning. My son was standing beside my bed, his eyes wide. He'd been upstairs (by himself) getting ready for school, when he heard the sound of a child's laughter in his brother's room, which is right next to his.  Then, according to him, something loud crashed to the ground.

I heard none of this happen. But yesterday, when I was home alone, I heard a loud crash upstairs. I called my husband and told him that either a tree had fallen on the house, or one of the boys' TVs fell to the floor.

My husband investigated both yesterday and this morning, and found nothing that would have caused such a loud "crashing" noise.

Monday, April 28, 2014

A Night With The Others

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by a local paranormal investigation team that was interested in investigating the house. We've already had four investigations, so I thought- eh, what's one more? Been there, done it, got the t-shirt. Actually, I don't have a t-shirt. I should really get myself one of those. Anyway...

On April 26, 2014, close to a dozen paranormal investigators descended upon our haunted abode with trunks full of all kinds of crazy equipment. We didn't even make it through the tour of the house before they began having what investigators call "personal experiences" (evidence of the paranormal that they saw and felt for themselves.)

While we are still waiting for the official evidence review, there was some craziness that went on during the investigation. I was able to catch a couple of things on video! And since I now know how to download videos from Facebook to Youtube (yaaaay!), I can share what I caught with all of you.

The first video is of "the flashlight trick." One of the investigators placed a MagLite flashlight on the bench in the middle room of the house, which was otherwise empty. He then explained to the spirits that they could twist the flashlight to turn it on to answer questions, then twist it again to turn it back off.

The video turned out like crap, but you can see the light shine on the wall a couple of times in response to questions. After that, the video stopped picking up the flashes, which was crazy, because they were lighting up the entire room. But you can hear the investigator's responses to the light continuing to be turned on and off.


The second video is of a K-II meter going off. A K-II meter detects electromagnetic fields, or EMFs. In the paranormal community, it is believed that all spirits produce electromagnetic fields, which can be manipulated at will by the spirits. So the theory is that a spirit can use a K-II meter to communicate or make their presence known.  All evening, there was a K-II meter lying on the couch, with no result. Then our puppy, Opie, jumped up on the couch, and the K-II meter started going crazy. The video, once again, is crappy quality. But. You CAN see the lights going off on the meter and hear it chirping and beeping, if you look and listen really closely.   To me, the creepiest part is when the investigator asks the spirit to pet Opie. Opie instantly lays down and stays there, as if someone is in fact petting him.


Needless to say, it was a crazy night. I can't wait until we get all of the evidence and see what else the investigators found. A big thank you to Gary, Kim, and their team for coming out, and we look forward to working with them in the future.

Oh, and just because this whole downloading videos from Facebook to Youtube thing is new to me, I thought I'd share one other video, one I talked about before but was not able to post due to my lack of tech savvy-ness. Here is the video taken from last summer of the light in the middle room of our house turning itself on and off:


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Heebie Jeebies

One benefit of living in a haunted house is that I've become kind of hard to rattle. Even when scary things happen, I don't really get scared anymore.
I'm kind of like, "Oookay, here we go again." And if we have company over when something happens, and they're getting freaked out...well...I actually kind of love that. Super amusing.

Anyway, my point is- my house doesn't scare me hardly ever anymore. Last night, however, I was up well past one in the morning, just because. When I finally went to bed, the bedroom lights were still on. I went into my closet, which is a large, walk-in closet (and I believe used to be a bedroom once upon a time) and turned the light off. The second that light was off and the closet was pitch black, I was TERRIFIED. Like, goose bumps, heart racing, fighting the urge to scream terrified. And I have no idea why.  

I'm still on crutches (yes, still) so running was out of the question. Instead, I hobbled my way back into the bedroom as quickly as I could, but the feeling didn't leave me. I felt like something (someone?) was following me. I hurried into the middle room, then the kitchen, as quickly as I could, turning every light on along the way. It took me a good five minutes to calm down.

I didn't see anything, didn't hear anything, but I definitely felt it. And whatever "it" was, was horrifying.

In other news, I never told y'all about the scratches, did I? Probably not. I think I kept it to myself because I thought I'd found a logical explanation for them, but now I'm not so sure.

So, here goes- shortly after I had my accident, which was nearly three months ago now, I started noticing scratches on my left arm. Not just a couple small ones, but several long, deep, wide scratches between my elbow and my wrist, on both the inside and outside of my arm.

Here's the thing- I was literally doing absolutely nothing with my life at that time due to my injury. I was glued to my couch, pretty much 24 hours a day. There was no explanation for where these scratches were coming from, but they just kept coming. I thought it was weird, but then decided that somehow the velcro on the brace on my leg must have been causing it, even though I had no idea how.

Now- it's my other arm.  And instead of scratches, it's bruises. I bruise pretty easily, so I don't think anything of it when I find a random bruise (especially on my leg), but these are different. I have three large, deep, distinct bruises on my right arm, all below the elbow, just like the scratches were. One on the outside of my forearm, one on the inside of my forearm, and one on the back of my hand. I have no clue where they came from. I'm still a total cripple. While I'm slightly more active than I was three months ago, I'm certainly not active enough to be getting all banged up like this. I've got no clue where the bruises (or the scratches, for that matter) came from.

Maybe I should ask whoever or whatever is inhabiting my closet, waiting for me to shut the lights off so they can scare the bejesus out of me. Maybe they know.