Friday, June 14, 2013

Into the Light

When you live in a haunted house, you get used to certain things- strange noises, creepy feelings, etc.  Being that we've been living with "others" for a little over a year now, there's a lot that flies under the radar.  But these past couple of days, we've seen a resurgence of activity at the C Family Estate.

Last night, my 10-year-old was in the shower, and insisted that someone come sit in the bathroom with him because the lights kept flickering and it was scaring him.  The only time our lights ever flicker is when the furnace kicks on.  And I can assure you, being that it's the middle of June, we did NOT have the heat on last night.

This morning, said 10-year-old was more difficult to wake up than usual.  He said he was overly tired because he couldn't sleep.  He felt like someone was watching him all night long.

Today, I got home from work and let our chihuahua out of her crate.  Usually she comes flying out, bursting with pent up energy and the need to pee.  But when I opened the door, she cowered further into her cage, whining.  She looked terrified.  Of what, I wasn't sure.  I had to reach in and pull her out, assuring her over and over that she was okay.  As I carried her to the door to take her outside, she was shaking and whimpering the entire time.

About a half hour later, my husband and I were discussing what to make for dinner when the light in the middle room started flickering so bad, The Hubs had to turn it off altogether.

I'm not sure what's causing the increase in activity these past couple of days, but it makes me it somebody's birthday?  The anniversary of someone's death?  Was this the time of year that something happened here, a long time ago?  Who knows.  Not me, that's for sure.

Also, Marter Paranormal has posted their findings from the second investigation they did in March.  Here's the link to their report: Marter Investigation.